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How I went from $0 to $20,000 per day in sales in just 16 weeks.

Hello.  My name is Brendon Sinclair and here at Google Adwords Book I'll show you how we built a site from $0 to $20,000 per day in sales in just 16 weeks using only Google Adwords.

You can learn the exact same techniques I used from day 1.

Rapidly Increasing Sales

This is a screen shot from our sales data starting around mid July last year to just 16 weeks later when we achieved out first $20,000 day.

You might notice that some days we made 0 sales - that's because the manufacturer couldn't keep up and there were days when we had to stop the advertising to try and slow the sales down because they couldn't keep up.

Advertising Cost Per Click Going Down

You'll see the average cost per click - that's the cost per visitor to the site.  As you can see it started off at about $1.50 and then rapidly decreased.

Visitors Increasing

And the next graph here shows the number of visitors from our pay per click advertising.  It goes up very quickly.

So they are 3 very healthy signs:

  1. Sales Increasing
  1. Cost Per Click Decreasing
  1. Visitors From Pay Per Click Advertising Increasing 

So you can see the effectiveness of this pay per click - Google Adwords - campaign.

I'll show you the techniques I used to achieve this - The key strategies to make these great sales.


A Bit About Myself

My name is Brendon Sinclair.

I've been in the web industry for over 8 years and have developed hundreds and hundreds of web sites.

Like I said, I've developed and marketed hundreds and hundreds of web sites and I know what works and I know what doesn't.

I know the impact a truly successful site can have - one of our sites once did 1/4 million in sales in just a matter of hours after being mentioned on a national Current Affairs TV show.

We have another site that does $5,000 in sales all generated from high search engine rankings.

In short, I know what I'm talking about.  I've seen a lot on the web and because of all my writing and media exposure, I'm often asked to review the latest in software or e-books.

And my reputation is too precious to me to waste on promoting poor quality software or e-books.  I only recommend a handful of web products and what I do recommend you be assured they are the best available.

How have I developed this campaign? And how can you do it?


Steps for a successful Google AdWords campaign:

  1. You need to find the best keywords to target.  Because some words that are searched for will result in more sales than other words.
  1. You need a well written ad. Make sure you use the best words, and structure the ad for best results. If you do this the right way, even if your ad costs less per click, you can still be above more expensive ads!  And that means more bang for your buck.
  1. You need to continually test your ads against each other to see which ads perform the best. Well performing ads make you money, Poorly performing ads cost you money. You need to maximize your ads to make sure you make the most sales and don’t miss out on revenue you deserve.
  1. You need to have a highly targeted landing page.  That is, develop a page specifically for the advertisement you have running.  It's much more effective to bring a person searching for blue widgets to your blue widgets page rather than your generic home page.

This will result in many more sales and better performing ads.

It's critical to do these things to get the most out of your advertising and there is a very easy way to learn these 4 keys to success and find out what works best.


Learn from a Leading Google Adwords Expert

I found an e-book quite a while back and the author is referred over and over again on the Internet as a true Google AdWords expert.

It sells for various prices - depending on if you buy just the e-book for $49, or e-book and audio. 

It comes with a 100% money back guarantee so you really can't lose.

If it didn't work I knew I could get my money back.

Now the author has continued - almost 18 months after I first bought the e-book - to build his AdWords knowledge. 

And he is without question one of the world's leading Google Adwords authorities.


Incredible Value in an E-Book

The author has the experience to tell you the best way to go about your Google AdWords advertising.

All of this info is given to you - you don't need to test and trial for months and months and months.  You have the data to save yourself masses of time and get effective fast.

This e-book literally took our site for $0 to $20,000 per day in sales in just 16 weeks.  Try doing that with a normal shop in your local city.

And it wasn't expensive - the e-book sells for just $49!

You get an education on AdWords that is based on real life information.  You get test results, examples and case studies.

He shows your where to find the best keywords, how to write your ads, how to track, how to measure……it's simple.

You don't need to spend months figuring this stuff out.  This guy has already done it for you!

It's easy.

I'd never run AdWords before I bought this book.  And you know what our results have been.

He leads you by the hand in:

It's a fantastic e-book that will help you very quickly get unbelievable results!

I'll take you over to his web site in a moment where you can get a free 5-day course on Google AdWords and how best to use them.

But I want to finish off by saying that if you're serious about online sales then Goolge Adwords have to be part of your strategy.  Google Adwords can be an avenbue to huge sales - this e-book will show you how to tap into those sales quickly and easily.

I give this ebook, and the author, my unqualified support as a fantastic product.  If you want to know about Google Adwords, learn from this guy - I'll take you over to the web site now for the free 5 day course.


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