Independent Pay Per Click AdWords Review

Learn The Secrets To Go From $0 to $20,000 Day in Sales With
Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising
7 1/2 Minute Video Shows You How!

Update: October 21, 2008
This site is now 3 years old - I've just reviewed the video fully and am happy to report the product I recommend is still going strong and one I recommend more than ever.

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What This Site Is

This site is a 7 minute 30 second video and audio review of one of the world's leading guides for successful pay per click advertising. The reviewer is Brendon Sinclair, a leading Internet authority, and he takes you through his real-life case study of how he applied the lessons learnt in the e-book to take a web site from $0 per day in sales to $20,000 per day.

The review shows actual sales data from the web site.

Who Should Review This Video & E-Book?

"Thank you for the review. Great way to do it and the book has been a god-send. Greg"

The video is intended for all people interested in Pay Per Click Advertising. This includes:

What's In The Video

The video takes you through Brendon's experiences in applying the lessons from the e-book and exactly what he did to achieve up to $20,000 in sales. You'll learn the exact same tried and true methods one of the world's leading Internet experts uses and why.

The video is shot on location in our offices Gold Coast web site designers - Tailored Web Services.

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